Web Analytics & Optimization Reflection


The Web Analytics and Optimization master’s degree course at Full Sail University has increased my knowledge of not only understanding web analytics, but also learning how to use them to solve problems and plan for the future. It is easy to get lost in the mountains of data that analytic tools provide about traffic to and from your website and social media platforms. Without clear specific measureable goals (like SMART goals) you might find yourself regurgitating the numbers you find without any context to your boss who will simply say, “So what?”

This course taught me how to set SMART goals with Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to monitor the goals so the company knows if they are on track or need adjusting. I learned how giving context to your analytics will open your eyes to understanding, and make your boss care about the results. Also, I learned that you need only a critical few simple KPIs in order to keep everyone on the same page working towards the same goals.

 Web analytics and optimization may not be the cornerstone to an online marketing strategy, but it is the oil that keeps it working smoothly and efficiently.