HARD goals


Let me start by explaining that a SMART goal is an acronym that stands for:

Time sensitive 

If you create goals using this method, it can help you better strategically think through your company goals. But I think that this method can be improved upon even further. Even though attainable and realistic are safe words to use when creating goals, I think that they create a sense of underachievement. Don't get me wrong, we want our goals to be attainable and realistic, but goals should also be motivating and create a desire to want to achieve them. That's why I like what LeadershipIQ has suggested with their HARD goals

Heartfelt - My goals will enrich the lives of somebody besides me
Animated/Affirming - I can picture how great it will feel when I achieve my goals. 
Required - My goals are absolutely necessary to help this company. 
Difficult - I may have to learn new skills and leave my comfort zone. 

I would take out Attainable and Realistic from he SMART goals and replace them with Affirming and Required. I don't like the word Animated so I would use Affirming because when you feel good about completing a goal it affirms you and encourages you in your work by telling you that you are capable. These replaced words would help make the goals matter more to the goal-setter by allowing them to visualize their success and be more relevant to the company.

The Specific, Measureable, and Time sensitive would stay the same, but I would add HD at the end which stands for Heartfelt and Difficult. These two words would enrich the company environment and push employees to grow personally and professionally in their work capabilities. The combined result would be:

Time sensitive

By combining these two methods to create SMART-HD goals, you would get superior goal setting that would inspire employees or yourself to push your goals to the edge while being energized with a stronger desire to achieve them.

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