Reflection on Advanced Internet Marketing Class

My latest class that I am finishing right now is Advanced Internet Marketing. My original goal for this class was to be able to have a firm understanding of Internet Marketing and how I would be able to apply it to any company appropriately. This goal was very shortsighted and general. It could almost fit any of the classes that I have taken up to this point. I believe that this class has helped me do this, but more specifically has shown me how to create an Internet Marketing Action Plan that I will be able to replicate in any job setting.

 An example of just a few things that I have learned in the past week include how to take a customer-centric marketing approach while using personas and the ADIAS (Aware, Desire, Interest, Action, Satisfactory) theory of selling. I also learned how to measure and improve the ROI of any campaign and know the difference between interest-based and intention-based marketing.

 I really like how this class has taken the time to dissect an Internet Marketing Action Plan so that by the end of the fourth week, we put it all together to form a quality plan that can be replicated for any company. This will certainly be of great value in the future company I work for.

 Overall, I was impressed with the amount of information that was able to be pushed into 4 weeks. All of the knowledge and tools that I have gained from it are practically priceless.