Hopes & Dreams for this Blog

Over the next 12 months I am writing this new blog with a hope to see it display a cornucopia of ideas and inspirations. I hope that it even becomes bigger than what I can imagine it could ever be. Maybe that means it becomes an essential tool in my journey that continues on past this Masters degree. I can only hope that by posting weekly to it that it will create a discipline to always be digesting new ideas and inspirations and sharing them with the world. I hope it teaches me how to be a better marketer, and have a better online presence.

The intention is not so simple. I want to become a master of Internet marketing and see Tumblr.com as an opportunity for the first step in that direction. Since learning is a process that can often be approached in a creative direction, I will also post videos and photos along with articles that I find.

I think that one of the gravest mistakes I could make would be to look at this Mastery journey as just another assignment that just has to get done. I hope that it is not something that I look at week after week and worry that I didn’t get my one post each week. I would like to see it become part of my life for at least the next 12 months and grow with me as I do. I would much rather worry that I’m posting too much than not enough.

I would consider it an achievement if by the end of the next 12 months; I’m still using this blog and bringing it into my work place as a continued source of inspiration and ideas board. I realized that the reason why it was so difficult to label the intention of this blog is because I intend for it to be an organic thing that shapes and molds as I do.

For those of you reading this, welcome to my journey. I hope it is an exciting one.