Free Twitter Monitoring & Search Tools


A Twitter analytics tool that provides monitoring reports about hashtags, topics, brand names, Twitter accounts or URLs. The reports provide in-depth social metrics on reach, exposure, tweets and contributors. TweetReach is a simple way to monitor a hashtag, brand, or keyword on Twitter.


A real-time Twitter analytics tool that also covers Google news. It will highlight the influencers in your topic area, their tweets, other tweets on the topic and also the most retweeted links. 


A Twitter search and analytics tool that allows you to search Twitter for topics, influencers and much more.

Steve Rayson an author on Social Media Today reviewed each of these and here is what he recommends:

Researching a hashtag – If I am at an event and I want to gauge the Twitter activity I use TweetReach to see the activity, the reach and who the key contributors are.

Searching for Tweets on a specific subject – I use Topsy as my search engine. I filter by time period and frequently by content, for example if I want to see shared videos on a topic. I also see who the influencers are in the time period I am interested in.

Overview of current activity in a topic area – I like to use TwazzUp to see the current tweets, influencers, tweets by influencers and recently shared links. The dashboard layout works very well to provide an overview of current activity.