Facebook Paper Review


Faebook Paper is a great example of what Social Media Strategist Mack Collier would say is “Thinking Like a Rock Star.” This is a great attempt to turn customers into fans by providing a service that could combine your feed news reader with your Facebook feed and give you one less app you have to open.

However, after using it for a day, it falls short to what I would expect from a news feed reader. The controls are nice and smooth. I actually enjoyed swiping through categories and stories with ease.

What I don’t like is how you don’t get to choose which feeds ‘specifically’ that you want. You can only choose broad categories like…Headlines, Tech, LOL, Pop Life, Enterprise, and so on. If you don’t have specific blogs or news feeds that you already follow, you probably won’t mind. But for those of us who have certain websites that we check every day, this is kind of useless and won’t replace a feed service like Feedly, or Flipbook.

If Facebook decides in future updates to allow you to customize your feed, then it might make a bigger splash. Until then, I’m afraid it’s just a beautifully designed way to check your Facebook feed.