Owner & Consultant

David Doughty Media & Marketing


  • Created marketing material for Dawn Food Products, Inc.

  • Created marketing video for Oman Ministry of Health.

  • Work on websites and create digital marketing strategies for clients.

Social Media Director & Website Design

Career Development Services LLC


  • Create and execute Social Media campaigns for consultants, job seekers, and small businesses
  • Design and build websites for individuals and small businesses

New Media Coordinator & Co-Producer

Media Production Group


  • Created 3-5 min. marketing videos of different non-profit work around the world.
  • Created and worked on multiple marketing campaigns and participated in strategic leadership development.
  • Created promotional pieces for different city councils; in-house videos for larger manufacturers; produced low budget commercials; and non-profit promo videos.

Director & Video Coordinator

University of Central Oklahoma


 Athletic Video Coordinator

  • Created weekly video updates at bronchosports.com and recruiting videos. Also was in charge of multimedia operations at the football stadium.

  • Consistently taught student interns how to run big screen at game and operate cameras.

News Director, KCSU-TV

  • Taught other students how to run a live student-run newscast.

  • Teacher's Assistant for a class and often took have the class to teach while the professor took the other half of the class.

  • Experienced Directing, Technical Directing, Audio Engineering, Floor Managing, and running cameras for student run newscast that went live at 5pm every weekday.

Music Director, KUCO-FM

  • In charge of teaching students how to use the sound booth and scheduled air time for each one that needed it for school credit.

  • In charge of entire operation at radio station including play list reporting to College Music Journal, contacting labels and promoters, and producing the morning show